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Michell Instruments Easidew 2-wire Dew-Point Transmitter

$1,650.00 $1,750.00

Low Price ,Hige Quality

Design Simplicity and Economy The Easidew Transmitter is designed for ease of use, incorporating all the features needed to make installation and operation as simple as possible. For the first time, dewpoint measurement is made as accessible as temperature and pressure with this fully configured, calibrated transmitter that can be instantly incorporated into your air or gas management control system. Easidew Transmitter is easy to install and operate. The costs of installation and operation are minimal due to the ruggedness, simplicity and reliability of the transmitter.

The key to the Easidew Transmitter’s performance is its sensor technology. Michell’s Advanced Ceramic Moisture Sensor is coupled with the latest microprocessor-based measurement circuitry to produce a fully calibrated and interchangeable transmitter. All calibration data is stored in flash memory and so exchange or service can be accomplished in seconds. The Easidew Transmitter is simply disconnected, removed from its sampling block and replaced by a new, fully calibrated unit.

• 2-wire loop powered connection
• Dew point or ppm moisture content
• NEMA 4, IP66
• Excellent sensor protection
• Measurement range -100 to +20°C (-148 to +68°F)
• Operating temperature -40 to +60°C (-40 to +140°F)
• Fast response

The Easidew Transmitters use Impedance technology, based on Michell’s ceramic sensor. The Ceramic Sensor is constructed using state of the art thin and thick film techniques. Operation of the sensor depends upon the adsorption of water vapor onto a porous non-conducting “sandwich” between two conductive layers built on top of a base ceramic substrate. The active sensor layer is very thin – less than one micron (about 0.00004 inches) and the porous top conductor that allows transmission of water vapor into the sensor is even thinner. Therefore the sensor responds very rapidly to changes in applied moisture, both when being dried (on process start-up) and when called into action if there is moisture ingress into a process. Despite this extreme sensitivity to changes in moisture content, the Michell Ceramic Moisture Sensor is incredibly rugged due to the nature of its construction. To protect the sensor further against contaminants and pipe swarf it is housed in a protective sintered HDPE guard. All Michell Ceramic Moisture Sensors give


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