Quality Automatic Riveting Machine for Horn Covers

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Designed for L-shaped capacitors, it is a combination of element, washer, and bakelite cover plate automatically rivet.


The riveting method adopts hydraulic pressure, the pressure is large, the thickness of the riveting is stable, and the adjustment is convenient.
This machine consists of a high-precision divider 12-position control turntable, many stations, and consists of precision parts.
It is guided by high-precision linear guides, feeding and riveting with high precision.
Easy to use, manually put the element into the jig, automatic riveting combination, if there is a lack of material or abnormal phenomenon during operation, the intelligent control stops, an alarm occurs, and the cause of the fault and the troubleshooting method are displayed.
Using PLC control, man-machine interface display, easy access to various functions, forming automation.
Suitable for rivet operation of capacitors with various outer diameters.
The appearance is geometric design, exquisite and beautiful, and the structure is stable.


Applicable product diameter: φ22~φ35 can be customized according to customer requirements
Air source: 0.5~0.7MPa adjustable
Power supply: 220V/50HZ, 110V/60HZ
Power: 2KW
Dimensions: L1650mm*W1500mm*H1700mm
Weight: 950kg

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