Quality Automatic Washing Machine

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It is suitable for automatic cleaning of batteries and super capacitors.


The use of a brush for online scrubbing can effectively clean the surface and end faces of the battery that are difficult to clean.
The use of multi-resistance thrust nozzle can quickly blow off the moisture to improve the drying effect.
No cleaning agent is needed, and ordinary city water can meet the cleaning requirements.
The whole machine is controlled by PLC, easy to operate, equipped with fault alarm, energy-saving shutdown function, equipped with necessary safety measures, and the whole machine is safe and reliable.
It is suitable for cleaning battery capacitors of different lengths in the range of 50-180 length, and the adjustment is simple and convenient.
Suitable for automatic online cleaning and drying in large quantities.
Adopting high-efficiency hot air heater cylindrical structure, low energy consumption.
Use overflow, filtration and recycling to save energy.


Applicable products: Applicable cylindrical batteries, super capacitor products (can be customized according to customer requirements)
Speed: 0.5-1m/min, adjustable speed
Output: ≥6PCS
Power supply: voltage 380V/110V±10%, frequency 50HZ, incoming line mode: three-phase five-wire
Cleaning workpiece: diameter 60 battery capacitor
Overall power: about 55KW
Compressed air consumption: 0.4Mpa
Whole machine noise: ≤85dB; 1.5 meters away from the equipment test
Whole machine weight: about 2T
Machine size: about 5000*1700*2000mm (specifically subject to design)
Environmental requirements: Ambient temperature: 5~35℃, relative humidity: ≤80%

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