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Continuous experimental coater is a three-roll transfer coating equipment, which is convenient to apply to the equipment for surface coating process on various substrates. Especially used in the lithium-ion battery industry, the equipment is designed to be convenient for researchers to use, and to meet the requirements of coating accuracy and consistency, which is no different from production. The drying effect is excellent. It is lithium-ion batteries, super capacitors, nickel batteries, and others. Ideal for secondary battery development and small trials.


1. The substrate tension is controlled, the belt is stable, and the deviation correction device is equipped.
2. Hot-air drying oven, upper and lower double-sided blowing, high-quality drying effect.
3. Three-roll transfer coating, with a wider coating window.
4. Comma squeegee measurement, with precision adjustment mechanism, to obtain high coating accuracy.
5. PLC control, touch screen operation, convenient and easy to use.
6. Optional solvent recovery processing device.


Coating method Three-roll transfer continuous coating
Width of guide roller 330mm
Coating qidth Max300mm
Mechanical speed Max900mm
Coating precision Better than ± 3um (± 5um at edges)
Coating thickness Depending on the size, 40 ~ 200um
Thickness adjustable Manual free adjustment
Reeling/Unreeling diameter φ250mm
Reeling precision ±0.5mm
Tension control Max60N (adjustable)
Dial indicator display accuracy 1µm
Drying temperature Room temperature ~120℃ adjustable
Drying unit Standard hot air drying
Compressed air 0.5~0.7Mpa
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Maximum power 5kw
Dimensions L1800*W1200*H1200mm
Weight About 1T

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