Quality Four-door Cylinder Vacuum Oven

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The cylindrical automatic control vacuum oven has a four-layer stainless steel inner container with independent control and precise temperature control.


φ600X800(D)mm4 door


The equipment adopts text control valve, vacuuming and nitrogen filling, high efficiency, saving personnel and good product performance.
The equipment is divided into four cylinders, 5mm thick stainless steel inner tank, strong corrosion resistance, single door and single control, without mutual influence.
The equipment adopts 304 stainless steel heating tube coiled into the inner liner to heat, and the temperature is evenly controlled. The equipment is already 80 ℃ before leaving the factory.
The equipment is sealed with a silicone rubber sealing strip, and 15mm thick tempered glass is used as the door.
The four-cylinder oven is individually controlled, and the total baking time, cycle time, and vacuum pressure can be set separately. The pumping, heating time and nitrogen filling cycle can be programmed according to customer requirements.
The elastic double-layer glass door has an overvoltage protection function.

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