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Quality Lab C Semi-Automatic Layer by Layer Stacking Machine

Low Price ,Hige Quality


It is mainly used for the assembly of Z-shaped laminations of lithium battery positive, negative electrode and diaphragm.
The device realizes manual loading, subsequent pole piece position correction and lamination process by fully automatic, and has the characteristics of high lamination efficiency and high stacking precision. The device can be designed to stack up to 200*200mm batteries. Different sizes can be realized by adjusting fixtures, which is very suitable for the development and sample preparation of laminated lithium-ion batteries. The device adopts a single cantilever structure design, and the coil isolation membrane automatically controls the constant tension, and the motor drives the diaphragm to move left and right to realize the Z-shaped lamination.


1. The number of laminations can be automatically controlled according to the preset.
2. With compatibility design, the battery size can be changed by adjusting the positioning fixture, and the adjustment range is large.
3. PLC control, HMI operation, easy to use and maintain.
4. The pole piece is loaded manually, automatically positioned, the manipulator automatically sucks the piece, and automatically stacks.
5. The isolation membrane is forced to lead and the pole piece is mechanically positioned to ensure high lamination accuracy.


Laminated accuracy  The neatness is better than ±0.5mm
Laminated dimension  Battery Min. L62mm x W46mm, Max. L200mm x W150mm
Laminated thickness  Max.30mm
Laminated layer  Max.500 (Can be set)
Diaphragm roll size  Max.250mm
Diaphragm core  3 inch roll core, mechanical clamping
Installation dimension  L1200mm x W800mm x H900mm
Weight  About 500Kg
Power supply  Voltage AC220V/110V, Power 1KW
Air supply  0.5~0.8MPa compressed air

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