YUDIAN Temperature Controller AI-719


Low Price ,Hige Quality

Universal thermocouples, RTDs, linear current/voltage signals and user defined input are selectable, integrating non-linear graduation tables, digital calibration and auto zero technology, and achieving accurate and stable measurement.
Application of advanced artificial intelligence control algorithm with auto tuning function, no overshoot.
Provided with auto/manual bumpless switch and soft-start function.
New generation of X3 and X5 current output modules with accuracy 0.2%F.S., improving the precision of control and retransmission.
Fast communication with sampling rate 12.5 times/ second and minimum control period 0.24 second, able to control quickly change object
Application of advanced modular structure, conveniently providing plentiful output options, can satisfy various application requirements, and make quick delivery and easy maintenance.
High quality and performance hardware design, using high performance tantalum capacitor or ceramic capacitor.
Compared to competing models, it consumes less electricity, experiences less temperature shifting, provides higher stability and reliability, and can work in a wider range of temperature.
ISO9001 and CE certified, achieving world class level of quality, anti-interference ability and safety. The power and all I/O terminals passed 4KV/5KHz EFT test, and the instrument can work stably under interference.

PID temperature controller is a control loop feedback mechanism widely used in industrial control systems and a variety of other applications requiring continuously modulated control.

– High accuracy, stability, and performance
– Measurement accuracy up to 0.1%FS
– With auto/manual control,bumpless switch
– APID, AMPT, PID, ON-OFF selectable with auto-tuning
– Dual 4-digit display of process & set point
– LED bar graph selectable for display
– Universal inputs:Thermocouple,RTDs, Linear currect/voltage/resistance
– heat/cool dual output supported
– Wide variety of alarm modes selectable: high/low limit,high/low deviation,alarm block
– RS485/232 communication supported
with protocol AIBUS/MODBUS
– Worldwide power supplies: 110~240VAC, 24VDC, 50/60HZ,
– Standard Size: 96*96, 48*48, 72*72, 48*96, 96*48
– RoHS,ISO9001 approved/certificated
– 3 years’ warranty



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